Friday, November 13, 2009

A victory for lungfish, turtles and Queenslanders!

 Seen here is the largest specimen of Murray (Mary River) Cod.
Tibbetts, T.A. (2003, January 6). Pictures from the snowy mountains
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Remember when I was hating on folks for the idea of damming the Mary River, home of Australian lungfish, the Mary River Turtle and Mary River cod?  Almost certainly not, but as a result of that entry I joined the SAVE THE MARY RIVER!!!! group, whose e-mails have kept me abreast of the situation. As of yesterday, I am pleased to announce that it looks like the Mary River is safe from damming!  Australian conservationists are a-twitter (probably literally); I need to check Australian news sources for more info.  Look at these guys:

DPI researcher with a lungfish caught in Splitters Creek. (ABC: Jodie van de Wetering)
van de Wetering, J. (2009, February 10). Learn about lungfish
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Mary River Turtle, sporting awesome headgear.

Perhaps the second-largest specimen of Mary River cod?
Scott, B. (2007, July 20). A Snail's eye view. Retrieved from 

Good job, everyone!

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