Friday, June 12, 2009


Hello! I am A. and this is my blog about ocean life, which is probably longer in coming than it should be.

First, some relevant info: I am not a scientist. I have been called a "science guru" before by a fourth grade teacher, which I guess means someone who knows some science stuff and really enjoys it but don't actually do science. Don't get me wrong, I would do it if I could, but I can't hack the math so I instead I study geography and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). However, I like science better and make no secret of it.
Here are some recent posts from other ocean blogs I've found of interest:

What some fisherman are saying about the spiny dogfish, courtesy blogfish.
The ecological disaster that is dolphin-safe tuna, from Southern Fried Science

  • Fictional fish
  • Creepy/scary fish that don't usually show up on scary/creepy fish lists
  • Being angry about fish marketing/labeling practices; I rant about incorrectly labeled red snappers in my dreams, so you know it's serious business
  • Love for batoids and pretty much anything that lived in the water during the Devonian period
  • Freshwater aquarium fish
  • Catfish fansites from the Middle East
  • The mysterious Oxyrhynchus fish
  • The exciting world of competitive betta breeding and showing
  • And more!
I welcome suggestions!


  1. Thanks for the "dolphin safe" link. I had no idea! It is kind of a tricky moral dilemma, but I really think that erring on the side of dolphin deaths is far more preferable to the ridiculous numbers of other fish and turtles getting caught up.

  2. I just discovered this blog by way of Zooillogix. I'm starting here and catching up, and already I know this blog will be awesome - Corydoras sterbai happen to be my VERY favourite cory, and they populate all of my appropriately-sized tanks. I look forward to reading your insights!

  3. Welcome! I was irrationally delighted by the shout-out from those guys. What do you think about plecostomus and loaches, in terms of freshwater bottom feeder fish?

  4. I definitely love loaches, and could become a fancy pleco-phile. Current budgetary restrictions make cories most suitable for me at the moment, though. Did I say I love loaches? Having a 150 gallon river tank setup with a school of clown loaches is one of my many aquarium dreams...sigh...